Last updated: 14th May, 2011 - now with blue birds!
I'll try and improve some of the functionality of this quiz a bit. Several of you have been requesting more information about the end results, such as why certain distributions were excluded, or even just more information about the suggested distributions.

So, stats! Until May this year - with over 1,6 million page views - we've helped over 146,000 users pick the Linux distribution best suited for them.

Comparing browsers from last year (2011 vs 2010), Firefox is less popular (49% vs 59%); Chrome is on the rise (26% vs 12%) Opera and Safari is still on 9% and 3% respectively. Luckily, Internet Explorer usage is still declining (10% vs 12%).

As usual, here's our top 5 language list (# of tests served in bold):
English - 48,000
Spanish - 27,000
Russian - 24,000
Portuguese - 20,000
German - 14,000

Send an email to (or use the feedback form) if your favourite distribution is missing, distribution details are wrong, or if you want to help out translating.

As always, thanks for letting us help you choose the right GNU/Linux distribution!, and remember to use the #linuxdistributionchooser-tag when sharing this site on twitter!

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Ubuntu, Kubuntu
Linux Mint
Arch Linux
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